To celebrate the start of 2019 the KISCO Group Opening ceremonies were held on Wednesday, January 2.

To begin, a ceremony was held in the morning at the Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. About 380 employees gathered in the underground cafeteria to have a breakfast of rice cake soup, enjoying refreshments in the lobby and sharing new year greetings with others. KISCO Group’s History Gallery, was located in the corner of the venue, showing pictures that celebrate the past 48 years of KISCO’s history. To warm-up, the crowd participated in some quizzes and socialised before the start of the formal ceremony.

The ceremony looked back over the group activities for the past year including various events, exhibitions and work with our partners overseas. This year a new award system was introduced to recognise employees and departments that contributed to the development of the KISCO Group. The KISCO Group Management Award, Technology Award and Contribution Award were announced, recognising 14 different teams.

Following the awards a video was shown that highlighted the achievements of the various parts of the group. This included messages from the CEOs of the subsidiary companies, business unit managers and messages to new employees. KISCO Group Chairman Kim Heung-Joon then addressed the audience saying that he was “grateful that we had a good year. It is wonderful that we have been able to stay in this position because we always trying to improve. In 2019 the management slogan ‘Pursue perfection without compromise’ will hopefully inspire us to continue to succeed”.

Following the speeches, new employees were formally introduced to the staff. Finally, there was a stunning concert performance by the tenors of the ‘Commerce Ensemble’ team.

Later that afternoon, at the JMC Ulsan plant, a second ceremony was held for JMC staff. All employees gathered in the main hall to hear addresses by the Chairman, the CEO and the Vice President. Together, they celebrated the achievements of JMC, the KISCO group in general and in particular congratulated the JMC employees for receiving the KISCO AWARD.

All staff look forward to a great 2019.
Happy New Year.



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