• KISCO presented a new strategy for increased local production and increased sales through core-technology development and global market expansion.
  • KISCO was recognized as a global leader in dyestuffs and advanced functional materials.
  • KISCO announced plans for the development of a new plant in Iksan by 2020.


Since its founding in 1971, KISCO (Chairman Kim, Heung-Joon and CEO Cho, Sung-Yong), a leading company in the Korean dye industry, has been expanding its activities to various other business fields. In the 55th Trade Day Awards, sponsored by the Ministry of Resources, KISCO was awarded the top prize recognizing $100 million in exports.


KISCO’s main products are textile dyes, digital textile printing (DTP) inks and organic electronic materials for displays and semiconductors. KISCO also has a number of subsidiaries: JMC is a manufacturer and distributor of saccharin; DKC is a manufacturer of photosensitive materials for displays and semiconductors; and WiseChem manufactures pigments for electronics applications.


The KISCO group has 4 domestic and overseas affiliates and 3 joint ventures. It is estimated that the consolidated sales will reach 330 billion won this year, and overseas sales, through export and overseas production, now accounts for 70% of revenue.

▲ KISCO, a specialist in chemical materials, won the top prize of $100 million in ’55th Trade Day’ Awards. CEO of KISCO, Cho Sung-Yong, is photographed in the lobby of the KISCO Office
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“Going towards the sea”


On the occasion of the award Dr. Cho said, “KISCO, in its 47th year since its founding, has been recognized as a leader for the quality of its products and its competitiveness. I have done my best,” he said “considering the domestic economy, which is currently experiencing growth limitations. Exports are, I believe the best way to grow the company.”


Dr Cho continued, saying that “KISCO has previously been selected as a ‘World Class 300 Company’ by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2015, recognizing it’s strength and competitiveness. Based on this, we are undertaking further overseas market exploration through various programs of R&D and marketing. In particular, the Dyestuff and Dyestuff Inks business, which have the largest sales portions among our flagship products, remain the number one player in the domestic market and supply high-quality dyes and inks to over 50 countries around the world.”


“In addition to overseas exports, which have achieved the export scale of 100 million dollars, KISCO established a joint venture for Turkish production in 1997, a China sales corporation in 2001 (KSC), and a China production corporation in 2006 (KLC). These strategies to increase local production and sales for key markets have played an important role in our overall growth.”


“To assist with execution of our strategy we have a dedicated marketing team and employ a large number of foreign and professional executives each year to participate in various global exhibitions related to the textile and chemical industries such as China Interdye, Chemspec Europe, CPhi, ITMA and FESPA. Through the exhibitions, we are meeting new customers and enhancing our brand by introducing the core technologies and products of KISCO.”


“In June, KISCO signed an MOU with Iksan City, Jeonlabuk-do to secure future production sites. As a result, the company will accelerate the construction of a new plant in Iksan. We are also actively creating jobs.”


Dr. Cho concluded by saying that, “I would like to express my gratitude to our customers and employees who have contributed to the further advancement of KISCO as a global company. With this $100 million Export Tower Award we will further strengthen our global presence in the field of dyes and advanced functional materials.”



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