A new beginning for a better future.

KISCO Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

From entering the color and organic materials business based on dyes, to writing a history of sustainable growth, the challenging spirit of Honorary Chairman Kim Dong-gil and the management philosophy of respect for humanity are at the center of the history of the KISCO Group. With the belief that people are the driving force behind corporate development, we have never stopped challenging ourselves by creating value ​​for our customers and partners. Based on this, we realized the localization of dyes in the barren fields of Korea’s dye industry, which lacked capital, technology and experience, and contributed to enhancing national competitiveness.

In the past half century, things have not always been easy. However, KISCO has grown dramatically by creating something from nothing. We have turned the crisis in front of us into an opportunity to bring about new changes. We proudly walked into the center of change and pioneered a new future, driving today’s growth.

We publish <KISCO 50 Years History> to share the stories of fierce challenges and creativity.

<KISCO 50 Years History> reflects the sweat, passion and pride of our executives and employees who ran towards their dreams without fear of new challenges. It also contains the hopes and aspirations of the people of KISCO to create a better tomorrow by using the experiences and wisdom gained through overcoming crises large and small as valuable lessons. In that sense, I hope that <KISCO 50 Years History> will serve as a catalyst for building a new future by connecting the past, present and future.

KISCO Group is about to open up a new future in celebration of its 50th anniversary. Amid the ever-changing environment and uncertain future, KISCO Group will move forward towards being a better company and creating a better tomorrow.

We will provide better value to our customers through our products and technologies that help people. We want to become a company that can dream of a happier tomorrow. With our customers, who have given us trust and love until today, the KISCO Group will continue to work with passion and sacrifice.

I would like to express my gratitude to the employees who have written our 50 years of history. Let’s move forward together towards a new beginning.

Thank you.

Kyung-In Corporation Chairman, Kim Heung-Jun
October 2021