KISCO produces and supplies diazonaphthoquinone (DNQ) and ballasts, which are the main raw materials for photoresists used in the manufacture of displays and semiconductor devices.

Color materials
KISCO was the first Korean company to develop, produce and sell hybrid color photoresist dyes in which dyes are mixed with a pigment-type mill base. Color photoresists using dyes have superior characteristics in terms of brightness and color gamut compared with existing pigment-based photoresists.

OLED materials
KISCO supplies core materials for use in OLED applications such as in the light emitting layer (EML) and the common layers (HTL, ETL, etc.). KISCO also sells functional materials used in polarizing films for OLEDs.

A photoinitiator is a material that absorbs ultraviolet energy and initiates a polymerization reaction. It is used not only in a photoresist for fine pattern processing of displays and semiconductors, but also as an additive to coating liquids, adhesives, and paints. KISCO produces and sells oxime-based photoinitiators.

KISCO produces and sells materials for cardo binders, acryl binders and silicon binders that are applied to black matrix, color PR, TSP, PDL, organic insulators, etc. used in LCDs and OLEDs.

Flexible display materials
KISCO has developed its own technology to produce the core raw materials for colorless polyimide films that are used in foldable and flexible displays.