We consider environmental safety and health as a key element of sustainable
Important environmental impacts and risk factors arising from all
management activities are addressed in advance and safe and healthy working conditions
and work environments are maintained and improved through continuous investment
and process improvement
Safety, Health & Environment Policy

Aim: To pre-detect and prevent possible environmental pollution and hazard factors.

Anticipate major environmental issues and risk factors that may arise in service activities and production to prevent possible hazardous events. Maintain safe and healthy working conditions and environments via sustained investment and manufacturing process improvements.

Code of Conduct
01 Build objectives and detailed plans with regular evaluations and inspections.
02 Operate the manufacturing processes to satisfy the environment, health and safety system requirements via the participation and consultation of workers.
03 All staff must behave, maintain and be fully aware of the policies.

Safety, Health and Environment Strategy

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

Zero Safety Accident

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Operating System

  • Policy
  • Standard
  • Guideline
  • Bylaws (Procedures)
  • .
  • .

Safety and Health Management

  • Systematic management of PSM
  • Cyclic Safety Patrol
  • Guide Book, theme safety check
  • 5 minutes safety training before work
  • Fire prevention activities (process, electricity, facilities)
  • Staff development (KPA)

Education Program

  • Completion of legal education
  • In-house regular training
  • Outside training

Regulatory Compliance

  • Operation of departments dedicated to responding to the Peace Law, the Corolla Law, and the Exchange Law
  • Operation of chemical substance management system (e-CMS)

Environmental Management

  • Work environment management
  • Atmospheric, odor management (RTO, TO)
  • Total air volume management
  • Water quality (wastewater) management
  • Waste management
  • Management of specific soil pollution facilities
  • Integrated management of environmental pollution facilities

Zero Safety Accidents

  • Preventing accidents by removing risk factors through risk assessments and emergency response training


Work Environment Management

  • Work environment measurements, safety patrol operations, process safety management (PSM) workplace operations



  • Internal training and reviews