KISCO has an equity stake in and a development and production partnership with Boron Molecular, a leading specialist in chemical manufacturing and technology translation. Both companies have a strong history of developing custom solutions to chemical problems and translating R&D to large-scale manufacturing. In combination, KISCO and Boron Molecular can offer multi-site manufacturing and distribution from facilities in Korea, the USA and Australia.

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Boron Molecular has significant experience in undertaking technology transfer projects with companies across the globe and it’s strong, quality, documentation and communication systems ensure that it’s clients are constantly aware of their project status.

Boron Molecular offers strong intellectual protection for customers and the majority of it’s projects are exclusive to customers and commercial-in-confidence.

Boron Molecular is currently supporting customers in a wide range of industries ranging from paints and coatings through to intermediates for use cosmetic, veterinary, electronics and pharmaceutical applications.

In combination, KISCO and Boron Molecular can assist with translating your technology from the bench through pilot scale and beyond.

Boron Molecular particularly excels at translating multigram procedures quickly through multi-kilo procedures.

All R&D development is conducted with an eye on production.

Boron Molecular’s chemistry services can be applied to any chemistry problem and with over 20 years’ experience they specialise in:

  • Aromatic functionalisation and substitution chemistry
  • Heteroaromatic chemistry
  • Boronic acid chemistry
  • Low catalytic loading cross-coupling chemistry
  • High purity bi- and triaryl materials for OLED and pharmaceutical applications
  • Low-cost sulphur chemistry for trithiocarbamates, dithiocarbamates based RAFT Agents
  • RAFT Polymerisation
  • High-purity ionic liquid electrolytes
  • High Purity PHMO & PDMS biomaterial building blocks
  • Polyalanine chemistry
  • Co-ordination polymers, including metal-organic-frameworks

Find products in Boron Molecular’s Catalogue. Backed by an efficient team of process development and engineering experts, Boron Molecular’s customer service personnel ensure that lines of communication are open around the clock and their service is responsive, informed and reliable. The development and production partnership with KISCO offers increased options with regards to chemistry types and scale.

Boron Molecular has a partnership with Epichem to deliver high-quality medicinal chemistry and synthetic chemistry services to expertly advance drug discovery projects from hit assessment through to candidate nomination. With deep expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery the two companies integrate seamlessly into virtual pharma teams and work collaboratively with a focus on confidentiality, innovation and productivity. Boron Molecular has a proven track record of success in delivering project milestones and with their integrated process development capability they are able to deliver multi-kilogram quantities for preclinical evaluation.

KISCO’s subsidiary, JMC, has long been the supplier of choice to pharmaceutical companies that use saccharin in tablet coatings and oral health care products.

The custom chemical services offered by Boron Molecular are complemented by extensive process development expertise. This assists Boron Molecular in the development and validation of reliable processes, which can then be produced on a commercial scale; providing a seamless transition to undertake complex synthetic reactions on scales ranging from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms.

KISCO has over 120 R&D staff in Korea and has deep experience with the translation of new products to large-scale production. The partnership with Boron Molecular has diversified the chemical capabilities of both companies and offers customers multiple options with regards to production scale and location.