▪︎ Strategy for communication and Win-Win

▪︎ Status of HR

KISCO is committed to securing talented people who align with our management philosophy and company values. In order to respect diversity, there are no differences by gender, age, faith, or region of origin in recruiting and hiring members. In the case of people with disabilities and other social considerations, social responsibility in the recruitment process is fulfilled through non- discriminatory employment policies.


▪︎ HR Status Diversity

Employee status 2020 2021 2022 Remarks
Employee numbers Total employee numbers 621 621 586
Workers with no fixed contract 579 576 538 Out of 23 fixed term workers, 14 employees were
re-employed (as of 2022)
Fixed-term worker 16 21 23
Diversity Mandatory employment of
people with disabilities
When hiring employees, we are making various efforts to
expand employment for people with disabilities.
We achieve this through inclusive hiring practices
and we ensure that social teams and workplace facilities
include provisions for people with disabilities.
Percentage of female employees 16.4%
23.1% of staff are women, excluding executives
(team leader, manager)
Percentage of female executives 11.5%
Foreign employees 6 6 6 In order to recruit excellent foreign employees,
we are making continuous efforts such as attending
the international student recruitment fair.

▪︎ Human Resource Development

KISCO clearly identifies the roles and responsibilities required for each position in the company and operates a systematic education program to foster talented people who contribute to improving company-wide performance. There are orientation programs for new employees and new positions, leadership development by position, financial education. We also offer various online education programs such as training in communication, performance management and languages. These are opened to help executives and employees learn easily and conveniently anytime, anywhere. Currently, about 4,000 courses are registered on the in-house infrastructure network. In addition, through surveys and educational satisfaction surveys, programs are established and maintained by reflecting various educational needs and feedback from employees.
▪︎ Status of Education
Employee Training Year 2020 2021 2022
Average training hours per employee Time/ number 25.1 19.1 26.9
– Average training hours = Total training hours / total employees
– In 2021, due to the limitations on group education caused by the COVID-19 situation, it was temporarily operated in a reduced manner.
▪︎ Application for KISCO Cyber Training Institute
KISCO operates the “KISCO Cyber Training Institute” in collaboration with professional educational institutions, enabling employees to freely select and take various programs for developing job skills.
▪︎ 2022 Cyber Training Institute Competency Development Program Enrollment Status
Education Classification Types of Detailed Courses Completion Programs¹﹚
Number of Completion²﹚
Common / Job-specific Management Insight, Business Functions, Shared Values, Business Skills, IT, MBA, QA, etc. 69 85
Leadership General Leadership, People Management, Task Management, Self-Management, Organizational Management, etc. 62 82
Industry-specific Professional Skills Manufacturing, Trade/Logistics/Distribution, Engineering Basics, Construction, Finance, General Medicine, etc. 4 4
Foreign Languages English, Japanese, Chinese, Other Languages 68 69
Humanities and General Education Comprehensive Humanities, Family-friendly, General Courses, Literature, History, Arts, Philosophy 4 4
Certification IT/OA, Manufacturing/Environment/Industry, Logistics/Distribution/Purchasing, Service, Taxation/Accounting, Safety, etc. 1 1
Total 208 245
1) Number of courses attended by our employees among approximately 4,000 courses offered
2) Cumulative number of completions in 2022
* Application for Cyber Training Institute at KISCO

▪︎ Declaration of Support for the UNGC TOP 10 Principles

KISCO respect and guarantees the right to human dignity, freedom and happiness. We have declared our support for the top 10 principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and stipulated the relevant matters in the KISCO ‘Code of Ethics’. We also continue our efforts to comply with international standards related to human rights and labor.

▪︎ Human Rights Violation Prevention Program

01. Frequent Human Rights Violation prevention programs
Category Frequency Training hour per person Target of training
Sexual harassment prevention education Annual Over 1 hour All employees
Anti-bullying education in the workplace Annual Over 1 hour All employees
Education to improve awareness of people with disabilities Annual Over 1 hour All employees
Personal information security education Annual Over 1 hour All employees
Industrial health and safety education Branching Over 3 hours All employees
Training for new hires Occasional 8 hours New hires
Human rights education in onboarding Occasional Over 1 hour New hires
02. Conduct an in-house campaign


▪︎ Complaint handling

KISCO has designated a person in charge of handling grievances and operates a grievance handling process that allows for anonymous counseling. The scope of grievance handling at KISCO includes workplace harassment, sexual harassment, as well as acts and cases that violate human rights and cause harm, based on the ten principles of UNGC that specify the company’s social responsibility in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

* Number of grievances received in 2022: 0 cases

▪︎ Complaint handling process

▪︎ Information protection system

▪︎ KISCO complies with Global Cloud regulation compliance programs through a strong Cloud control function. 
KISCO meets accepted, audited standards with respect to Cloud security and compliance with regulations.

▪︎ Conduct annual, occasional verification of system stability

▪︎ Performing vulnerability analysis for secure In-house information protection

▪︎ Work-life balance

KISCO is operating various related systems to create a healthy and efficient working environment, aiming to achieve a balance between work and life for its members. It allows members who face burdens related to childbirth and childcare to freely utilize systems such as vacations, leaves of absence, and shortened working hours. In addition, it has implemented flexible working arrangements such as staggered commuting and remote work, establishing an efficient work culture.

▪︎ Win-win labor management culture

▪︎ Kyung-In Family Council (held once a quarter for each workpalce)
▪︎ Kyung-In Family Council promotes the common interests of labor and management through the understanding
▪︎ and cooperation of both labor and management
▪︎ The purpose is to contribute to the development of the company and the promotion of the welfare of its members
▪︎ Main activities

▪︎ Key Agreements Implementation

Improvement of workplace shower room environment Improvement of workplace locker room environment
Improvement of workplace meeting room environment
Improvement of workplace break room environment

▪︎ Win-win partnership

▪︎ Safety training for partner companies (conducted daily)
▪︎ KISCO provides safety education before work every day for the safety of its partner members,
▪︎ Under the supervision of the safety manager, we conduct frequent inspections of risk factors.
▪︎ Main activities