WISECHEM is a joint venture company established by KISCO and Korea Alcohol Industry Co., Ltd in 2010. It is the first company in Korea to operate in the field of display and high-performance pigments. It supplies world-class pigments to manufacturers in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, which are the major countries involved in the display and semiconductor industry.

WISECHEM has a complete product line of pigments applicable to various displays such as LCD, wOLED, and QD. WISECHEM began with green-colored pigments and has now expanded to supply yellow, red, blue and black pigments. WISECHEM has the optimal surface modification technology to meet a wide range of customer requirements. WISECHEM is also providing excellent quality materials to the semiconductor area for use in applications such as image sensors.


WISECHEM has a wide range of products applicable to the field of translucent automotive paints and pigments for printers, particularly red, orange and disperse formulations.


Based on the pigment surface modification technologies such as semi-transmissive types, reflective types, high light resistance and high solvent resistance, WISECHEM provides products that meet a wide range of customer needs.


WISECHEM is constantly working on new applications for its technologies. One example is the joint development (with a domestic collaborator) of an optimized pigment bead dispersion. This improved product quality and price competitiveness.