Production Network

KISCO produces final products through various organic synthesis processes and has a production scale and flexible response system that can supply products that are globally competitive in terms of quality, price and delivery time. The size of reactors used in production range from 20 to 100,000 litres and KISCO produces and supplies products in units from kilograms to tons according to customer requirements.

KISCO is improving business operation efficiency through a range of systems and processes. These include MES-based production process management, supply chain management-based logistics systems for stable supply to domestic and overseas customers, and SAP-based internal management system operations. Based on these, KISCO can ensure supply stability and has maintained a high trust relationship and signed long-term supply contracts with several customers.

Production Network


Iksan Fatory (KIF6)

Incheon Factory (KIF1, KIF2)

Ansan Factory (KIF3)

Siheung Factory 1 (KIF4)

Siheung Factory 2 (KIF5)

Yesan Factory (KIF7)

※ KIF: Kyung-In Factory


JMC Factory

DKC Factory


KIMSOY Factory

Production Capacity

Textile Dyestuffs

40,000 tonnes p.a.

Digital Textile inks

3,000 tonnes p.a.


3,600 tonnes p.a.

Fine Chemicals

100,000 tonnes p.a.