Building on its long history with dyes, KISCO R&D conducts research into optimized synthetic processes and quality improvements for the development of high-functional and eco-friendly textile dyes.

Major fields of research:

  • Reactive dyes with absorption/fixation properties suitable for cellulose fiber dyeing.
  • Disperse dyes with excellent washing fastness suitable for polyester fiber dyeing.
  • Acid dyes, CDP basic dyes, Optical brighteners etc.

KISCO has years of accumulated experience with high-purity organic synthesis and refining technologies. KISCO is developing functional materials for display and semiconductor applications. KISCO is also refining differentiated metal and impurity control technologies.

Major fields of research:

  • Displays
    Dyes and pigments for LCD/OLED color filters; photo initiators and photo sensitive materials for photo resists; key raw materials for colorless polyimide films used in foldable and flexible displays.
  • Semiconductors
    Polymers for high functional photoresists for micro circuit patterning; KrF / ArF resins, thick photo resist resins for 3D NAND and ArF immersion; polymers for EUV; materials for Photo Acid Generators (PAG) and Bottom Anti Reflective Coatings (BARC).
  • Pigments
    Pigments for color filters used in high brightness and high color gamut displays; pigments for translucent automotive paints and printers; pigments for CIS.
  • RAFT agents
    Sulfur-based small molecules for synthesizing highly functionalized polymers.

KISCO is developing high quality inks for large format, digital textile printing and UV inks for building materials and signage

Major fields of research:

  • Minimizing satellites and securing straightness of droplets through rheology control technology.
  • Sublimation/Reactive Inks for Digital Textile Printing: synthesizing dyes, optimizing salt content, managing hazardous substances from raw materials to inks, new technology to minimize rise of ink clogging.
  • UV Inks: formulation technology, satisfying flexibility and hardness simultaneously, technology to optimize inks for specific substrates (ex: PMMA etc).

Studying organic and inorganic compounds ranging from basic chemical materials to functional electronic materials.

Major fields of research:

  • Inorganic acid-based materials such as chlorosulfonic acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and various synthesis techniques using inorganic acids such as acidic condition reactions and acid catalysed reactions.
  • Eco-friendly, high purity, monomer manufacturing technologies for EMC semiconductors: chloromethylation, isomer control, high purity recrystallization.
  • Technology for manufacturing food additives and artificial sweeteners: chlorosulfonation, oxidation, Friedel-Craft reaction.
  • Synthesis and manufacturing technology for secondary cells, thermal interface materials and Graphene for polymeric composite materials: oxidation, reduction and exothermic reaction control, surface modified reaction.

KISCO’s Technical support team provides instant information and technical data to partners and dyeing houses through extensive technical exchanges. The team works throughout the textile industry, from yarn factories to clothing brands.

KISCO’s technical support team is responsible for technical exchange and training alongside partners in more than 60 major textile countries around the world including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam, as well through KISCO’s subsidiaries in China and India.

Through both on and offline meetings with major end-users, the team are supporting the diverse needs of the textile/clothing market. In particular, in recent years KISCO has demonstrated compliance with the sustainability management policies of apparel brands and industry NGOs. By adhering to these policies KISCO has also been able to increase production efficiency through improvement of reproducibility and process optimization. A key outcome is that KISCO is able to support customers to reduce overall production costs such as water consumption and energy consumption per unit time.

The KISCO technical support team provides extensive technical information to textile yarn companies, clothing brands, partners and dyeing factories. It provides rapid access to information and technical data through online social media channels and offline promotional materials such as pattern cards, flyers, Technical Data Sheets and presentations.

KISCO is equipped with a variety of automated and semi-automated experimental equipment that can reproduce on-site processes for printing, including permeation and continuous dyeing, for each fabric material and production process in the diversifying textile market. In addition, KISCO has facilities to quickly exchange and implement color information online and offline with dyeing factories and clothing brands.

Major dyeing equipment:

  • Computer Color Kitchen (CCK)
  • Infrared(IR) Dyeing Machine
  • Padder and steamer
  • Screen Printing Machine
  • Sample Dyeing Machine