KISCO delivers customer satisfaction through the use of quality management systems and the engagement of all employees in innovation.
KISCO’s quality policy is to maintain customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products and services that put customer value as its first priority.
KISCO manages every step of its production processes from raw materials to final products and is continuously improving its analysis systems. KISCO is committed to innovation and invests strongly in research, development and technology improvement. KISCO has implemented the ISO 9001 standard and the quality management system based on it.
Quality Policy

Aim: To produce the highest quality of textile dyestuff, Ink, Electronic materials and Fine chemicals for semiconductor in the world.

To produce all products tailored to satisfy the customer’s requirements, and supply at the times required.

Code of Conduct
01 To produce the highest quality products through the use of advanced technology and continuous Research & Development.
02 The company’s quality control system must be operated to meet the ISO9001 standard.
03 All staff must fully understand the policies and sustain continuous improvements in quality control.

Process Establishment/Execution

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certification
  • IQC, PQC, OQC, QA: Quality information management for all processes

Staff Development

  • Use of internal and external professional training programs
  • KISCO Group System Auditor Certification

Quality Innovation

  • Identify and evaluate all quality innovation tasks
  • Annual Quality and Innovation Showcases

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

  • Manufacturing process maintenance to improve quality controls and productivity

Integrated Quality Management System

  • 4 Way System, on-site inspection


  • Securing work standards
  • Waste water, exhaust, waste management


  • Secure raw material quality and hazardous substance warranty
  • Inspection of basic quality and hazardous substances of
    received products


  • Reinforcement of product inspection
    for hazardous substances
  • Basic quality inspection of products


  • 4M management by cause of nonconformity, management line deviation, outliers, customer complaints
  • Quality indicator management

Process Optimization

  • MES system-based quality management and information management

KISCO Group System Auditor (KSA)

  • Internal training and audit