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Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation (KISCO) is a leading, functional chemical material business that has been developing and producing dyes, inks and fine chemical materials used in textiles, electronic products and foods for over 52 years.

To strengthen its core competencies in organic synthesis technology and to develop customized products, KISCO operates an R&D center in Seoul. KISCO has ten large-scale production facilities located in Korea and one in Turkey.

JMC (formerly: Jeil Moolsan Co., Ltd.) was established in 1953 and became a subsidiary of KISCO in 2004. JMC’s core business is in the fields of saccharin and sulfur-based fine chemicals. Major products include saccharin, the production of which JMC initiated in Korea, sulfur products, BCMB and SOP. For most products, JMC is the only producer in Korea. The products are used in food, dyes, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor intermediates and fertilizers.

JMC produces the world’s highest quality saccharin. Saccharin is a safe food additive that is more than 300 times sweeter than sugar. JMC supplies saccharin to quality-focused, multinational beverage and pharmaceutical companies.

JMC strives to become a global market leader by securing customer trust and global competitiveness based on accumulated technologies and highly experienced staff.

Daito-KISCO (DKC) was jointly established by KISCO and Japan’s DAITO CHEMIX Corporation in 2005 to manufacture and sell the core raw materials for photoresists used in display and semiconductor manufacturing processes. DKC produces and supplies photosensitive materials for displays such as LCD/OLED and high-resolution semiconductors to customers around the world.

In 2019 DKC began the expansion of its production facilities with the construction of a new plant in Iksan, Korea. Based on this, DKC intends to continue to expand its influence in the global electronic materials and photosensitive materials markets.

WiseChem is a joint venture company established by KISCO and Korea Alcohol Industry Co., Ltd. in 2010. It is the first company in Korea to operate in the field of display and high-performance pigments. It supplies world-class pigments to manufacturers in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, which are the major countries involved in the display and semiconductor industry.

WiseChem has a complete product line of pigments applicable to various displays such as LCD, wOLED, and QD, and is building trust in the market by also providing excellent quality materials to the semiconductor area for use in applications such as image sensors. In addition, WiseChem, through intensive investments in R&D, is expanding its business to applications such as automotive paints and pigments for printers.


Continuous technological innovation

KISCO’s Research and Development team act as a think-tank for the entire KISCO group, developing new products based on a long experience in dye development and expertise in the field of fine chemistry.


KISCO’s supply system is recognized and appreciated by customers

KISCO regards customer satisfaction as a top priority and has systems to endure the reliable production and supply of high-quality products to customers in a timely manner.