The IDTechEx Show USA 2018 was held on November 14-15, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in San Francisco, California, USA. The ‘IDTechEx Show’ is a large-scale, technical conference and exhibition for 3D printing, electric vehicles, internet of things, sensors and wearables, graphene and 2D materials. Each participating company releases their latest technology, introduces products and many technical staff publish the latest research results in each field. It enables suppliers and end users in the industry to gather and communicate directly with each other.


JMC participated in the ‘Graphene and 2D Materials’ section to introduce our newly developed graphene oxide manufacturing capabilities to potential customers. Mr. Sang-Ho Lee, VP of KISCO and many other employees participated in the event and showcased the ‘JMC’ & ‘KISCO’ brands.


We introduced JMC’s manufacturing technology for the mass production of high-quality graphene oxide. We also were able to promote the work and JMC through the presentation by our research collaborator, Prof. Joo Yong Lak, from Cornell University.


As a result of participating in the IDTechEx Show, we were able to promote JMC as a manufacturer of graphene oxide and learn about current market trends. We are very optimistic for JMC to make a leap into becoming a global carbon material company through ongoing development and production.