KISCO puts ‘corporate ethics’ as its top priority in corporate decision-making and profit-seeking activities.

KISCO conducts business transparent, fairly and ethically.
Code of Ethics for all employees of KISCO
01 We treat all business activities transparently and fairly in accordance with the company’s top policy. Our company is trusted by shareholders, customers, employees and society.
02 With honesty and integrity as our foremost values, we will be responsible in carrying out our duties. We will pursue a path of prosperity for shareholders, customers, employees and society.
03 Through enterprising and successful corporate activities, we promote continuous management innovation and new technology development. We aim to be a successful company recognized by shareholders, customers, employees, and society.


  • Establish the right ethics
  • Equipped with the right corporate culture
  • Respect social standards
  • Prohibition of unfair gain, such as money, valuables and entertainment
  • Prevent insider trading
  • In-house audit system

Customers and Shareholders

  • Providing the best products and services
  • Rights Protection
  • Respect demands and suggestions
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Partners and Competitors

  • Fair deals
  • Seeking mutual benefits

Nation and Society

  • Compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Contributing to national economic and social development

Employee Training and Regulations

  • Sexual Harassment prevention education
  • Workplace Bullying prevention education
  • Education to improve nutrition
  • Occupational health and safety training and on-site safety inspections
  • Privacy education
  • Education on reporting of gifts or attempted bribes
  • Operation of in-house grievance committee


Internal Control System

  • Internal accounting management system