On Monday, January 2, the KISCO group held a New Year ceremony to welcome in 2024. The first order of the ceremony was the presentation of the 2024 KISCO AWARDS, acknowledging departments and individuals who contributed to the achievements of the past year. This year, a total of 3 teams were selected from KISCO and JMC. In the Contribution Award category, the Production Department’s Safety/SHE team received recognition for enhancing stability and reducing business risks through PSM rating upgrades and optimized compliance with new regulations. In the Technology Award category, the JMC Chemical Research Laboratory/Production Department was awarded the Gold Prize for establishing a stable revenue base through ADPOS research and development. Finally, the Management Award Gold Prize went to the KISCO KIF6 Production Team for their achievements in increasing NAC-5 production by 20% and improving capacity.

Following the award ceremony, there was a dialogue session with the management. Chairman Kim Heung-jun expressed, “many events of the past have been engraved as the foundation of KISCO, and the company has grown to this point. Despite the challenging business conditions, the management will do its best to ensure that the efforts of the employees do not go in vain.”

He further stated, “In the face of difficult situations last year, I believe all affiliated companies have prepared for progress. Learning from the shortcomings of the past year, let’s make this year a powerful one, achieving significant successes that were previously unattained.”

The executives and award recipients then shared their aspirations and resolutions for the new year, concluding the ceremony.