The 2019 APPP EXPO was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai, China from May 3 (Tue) to March 3 (Fri).

APPP EXPO is the largest advertising and sign-related exhibition in China this year. Also known as Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF), the event has been identified as one of the most important international events of the Shanghai Municipal Government since 2018. Participants from more than 2,000 companies and 30 countries attended this year. The exhibition hall, which is about 230,000 square meters, had booths for digital printing, signage, exhibition equipment, POP, digital display, LED products and 3D printing technology related products.

KISCO and KSC’s staff attended and used the occasion to introduce our PAPIJET and KISCO brands to customers around the world. In particular, we were pleased to begin promotion of our new range of UV LED inks. Alongside us, many global companies gathered to identify trends and benchmarks for UV inks as well as to understand market conditions in China. The exhibition was a great opportunity to expand our networks with local and prospective clients. We met with many of our clients and prospects and discussed both PAPIJET and KISCO products. We will continue to grow our presence in China.