On Friday, March 22, 2024, the 47th regular general meeting of shareholders of KISCO was held at the Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The meeting was attended by internal directors, external directors, auditors, and general shareholders, including Chairman Kim Heung-joon. The agenda included opening remarks, the national anthem, reporting of the number of shares present, chairman’s greetings, audit and business reports, resolutions, and adjournment.

CEO Cho Sung-yong, as the presiding officer, delivered a speech stating that “2023 was a challenging year due to the prevailing high inflation and interest rates, along with continued global economic slowdown. Although uncertainties in the business environment are expected to persist this year, KISCO will continue efforts to strengthen its position in the market, explore new markets, enhance cost competitiveness, and maintain financial soundness, aiming to overcome crises wisely and create momentum.”

Resolutions were passed to:

1. Approve the 47th financial statements and consolidated financial statements
2. Appoint directors: Kim Heung-jun(Internal Director) and Lee Sang-young(External director)
3. Approval of the limit on director’s remuneration.
4. Approval of the limit on auditor’s remuneration.