On March 12, 2024 (Tuesday), the 10th Annual Dealer Conference of KIPL, the Indian subsidiary of KISCO, was held in Dubai. The conference was attended by a total of over 40 participants, including employees from KISCO’s dye business unit OBU, ATB, KIPL, as well as business partners from various regions in India. Despite the demand slowdown exacerbated by the global economic downturn last year, the conference aimed to encourage the continued growth of KIPL and its business partners, share market opportunities, threats, and customer requirements, and discuss strategies to achieve common goals.

KIPL and its regional partners reviewed key success stories and areas for improvement from the previous year, shared business plans and challenges for 2024, exchanged feedback, and actively contributed opinions to enhance business effectiveness. KISCO also conducted presentations on its comprehensive activities for ESG management and the development status of sustainable products and solutions, providing a roadmap that can be utilized by KIPL employees and partners for sales and promotion to align business direction.

The conference provided an opportunity for KIPL and its regional partners to meet directly, discuss products and sales, deliberate on business goals and strategies, and seek solutions, reaffirming their partnership.