JMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ulsan City to invest in a new production facility for Alkyldiphenyloxide Disulfonate (ADPOS). ADPOS is a key raw material for NB-Latex, an eco-friendly latex product that is used in applications such as medical gloves.

According to the agreement, JMC will establish an ADPOS production facility with an annual production capacity of 4,500 tons in the Onsan Industrial Complex, Ulju-gun, and supply it to NB-Latex producers.

Ulsan City will provide administrative and financial support to facilitate this project. ADPOS is an anionic emulsifier used to promote surface activity during NB-Latex polymerization. Demand for eco-friendly NB-Latex, as a replacement for natural latex, is growing as it does not contain volatile organic compounds. The response to COVID-19 has significantly increased demand for latex for medical gloves.

JMC plans to start construction of the ADPOS production facility in 2022. When complete, the facility will have a total floor area of 1,243 square meters located on 92,672 square meters of undeveloped land at JMC’s existing site. Construction will be completed by June 2023. Through this investment in production facilities, JMC will expand its business from the existing fields of saccharin and BCMB to ADPOS.

CEO Jung Won-sik said, “After moving the company to Ulsan, we were able to expand into new business fields thanks to the city’s support and public interest. We will firmly establish ourselves as a growing company.”

Ulsan Mayor Song Cheol-ho said, “with the strengthening of hygiene concepts around the world due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for sanitary gloves is increasing and the demand for NB-Latex is also increasing. The market prospect is bright as strong demand is expected”.