On Friday July 22nd, Wisechem, a subsidiary of KISCO, held a completion ceremony for its new factory, located in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do. This event was attended by employees of KISCO and Wisechem, along with guests from Korea Alcohol Industry Co., Ltd., an investor, and SCT, a contractor. 

The event included a brief report on the construction, the presentation of a plaque of appreciation for the construction company, a congratulatory speech by President Kim Jung-soo of the Korea Alcohol Industry Company, a speech by Chairman Kim Heung-joon of KISCO and a tape cutting ceremony. 

Kim Jung-soo, President of the Korea Alcohol Industry Company, said in a congratulatory speech, “there are many uncertainties due to the influence of COVID-19, but I hope the completion of the second plant will be a driving force for Wisechem’s continued remarkable growth over the next 10 years. With the world’s best technology and production capacity, let’s write a new industry history based on the capabilities of KISCO, Wisechem, and Korea Alcohol”.  

Kim Heung-joon, chairman of KISCO, said, “I’m glad the construction was completed safely with the help and the efforts of Wisechem executives and employees. I congratulate the Wisechem employees for their outstanding teamwork and skills. We have the technology and a commitment to quality and are now one step closer to creating the world’s leading pigment manufacturer. Let’s continue to grow further based on our core capabilities and the cooperation of our partners”.