KISCO joins with leading chemical companies to accelerate sustainability for the textile and leather industries

KISCO is today proud to join with some of the world's leading chemical companies in a new alliance aimed at accelerating sustainability for the textile and leather industries. Seven of the world’s leading chemical companies have [...]


KISCO announces participation in the Innovate 2020 Virtual Tradeshow

With all physical tradeshows cancelled in 2020, WTiN, the well-known data and information company, has created Innovate 2020, a virtual tradeshow for the textile industry. The show will be online from October 15-30. As well [...]


KISCO invests in Boron Molecular Co., Ltd. of Australia, and expands its business in the precision chemical field

Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation (KISCO, CEO Kim Heung-joon and Cho Sung-yong), a specialized chemical materials company, will invest as a minority shareholder in an Australian company with excellent technology to strengthen its [...]


KISCO completes acquisition to strengthen semiconductor materials business

In order to further strengthen the business capabilities of its semiconductor materials division, KISCO completed the acquisition of the semiconductor materials related business of S company on April 3rd. Through this acquisition, KISCO plans to further [...]

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