Chemical Product Rating Changes Based on The List IV by Inditex

Inditex has recently updated the classifications of some products on “The List”, a register of chemicals used in the textile and leather manufacturing processes. This means that the ratings for many of KISCO’s dyes and inks have changed and can now be used in even more products.

“The List by INDITEX” contains a register of commercially available chemical products used in the textile and leather manufacturing processes. Products are categorized according to their degree of compliance with different parameters. The categorization covers the brand categories: All Uses, Babywear and/or Direct Skin Contact.

Inditex has also developed a new, dynamic version of “The List” (Link to The List) that improves the accessibility and quality of the information and allows a more functional, agile and simple search of the chemical products included in the catalogue and their classification.

As a result of these changes to The List IV, ZDHC has also recategorised affected chemical products and assigned them with a new brand rating.

Please note:

• the products will remain ZDHC MRSL conformant as Level 3

• the products will remain visible to clients in the Gateway without any required action from Formulators

KISCO already had a wide variety of dye and ink products classified as Level 3 by ZDHC and for “All Uses” by INDITEX. The following products have had their classification upgraded to meet the requirements of “All Uses”.

A range of SYNO WHITE optical brightening agents
A range of SYNOLON dyes
A range of SYNOZOL dyes

To see full details of which products have changed, visit The List online and search for “Reclassified” products by KISCO, as shown in the screenshot:

For any questions about KISCO’s products, please contact your local distributor or KISCO directly at