In order to further strengthen the business capabilities of its semiconductor materials division, KISCO completed the acquisition of the semiconductor materials related business of S company on April 3rd. Through this acquisition, KISCO plans to further develop a semiconductor material supply system and expand its market reach.

Based on the organic synthesis technologies accumulated through the manufacture of dyes, KISCO entered the electronic materials business in the early 2000s. Since then, KISCO has achieved steady growth in the production of materials for display applications, including LCDs. Recently, KISCO has invested in the construction of a new, electronic materials factory in Iksan, North Jeolla Province. This new acquisition was pursued as part of the strategy to strengthen the electronic materials business division.

The newly acquired business division has been producing and supplying raw materials for photoresists, which is an essential material for semiconductor processing, to domestic semiconductor companies for over 10 years. In combination, KISCO now has a range of technologies from organic synthesis through to polymerization giving significant momentum to the growth of KISCO’s semiconductor materials division.