With all physical tradeshows cancelled in 2020, WTiN, the well-known data and information company, has created Innovate 2020, a virtual tradeshow for the textile industry.


The show will be online from October 15-30. As well as industry seminars and discussions, a wide range of companies will be presenting their own content and hosting meetings. KISCO’s booth will highlight some of latest dye and ink products, feature a technical presentation from our staff and facilitate online meetings.

KISCO highlights over the 2 weeks will include:

  • Showcasing new products including our latest black and amber dyes
  • A focus on KISCO’s new dyes for sports and active wear
  • A focus on KISCO’s latest range of Papijet Inks for UV Printing
  • A KISCO technical seminar, available on-demand, highlighting some of our latest dye and digital textile ink products
  • Company information and videos that showcase KISCO’s products and capabilities
  • Live video meetings with KISCO staff
  • The debut of some informative and fun KISCO quizzes.

Innovate 2020 will operate a customer engagement program where people who visit and engage with digital booths will accrue points based on their engagement. The people who accrue the most points will be eligible to win some great prizes from WTiN.

Registration for WTiN is free. The direct link to KISCO’s booth is: https://ita.wtin.com/exhibitors/kisco