On March 22, 2019, KISCO’s 42nd Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting was held at the Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Guests including Mr. Kim Dong-gil, Mr. Kim Heung-jun, internal directors, outside directors, auditors and general shareholders attended the meeting to hear the Chairman’s greeting, audit and sales reports.

Chairman Cho Sung Yong said that “even in a challenging external environment, we have achieved financial results such as increasing manufacturing profitability and improving profitability through strengthening manufacturing competitiveness, continuous investment in R & D, financial transparency and operational efficiency. In 2020, our investment in the new facilities at Iksan is strengthening our position as a global brand by preparing for the operation of the new plant and differentiated marketing activities. While KISCO has continued to actively develop the domestic and overseas markets through the dye / organic materials / color materials business, JMC, which is a group company, has also achieved sales growth by devoting itself to the research and development of saccharin and fine chemical materials.”

In this meeting, the 42nd financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, the partial amendment of the articles of incorporation, the appointment of directors (Kim Dong-kil, Yong-Ho Lee), remuneration and stock options were approved.