Today KISCO was proud to host Mr Lee Hae-Chan (Party Chairman), Mr Lee In-Young (Congressional Party Leader) and members of the Democratic Party of Korea’s council, who visited our factory in Incheon to discuss KISCO’s growing business in supplying the key raw materials for the flexible electronics industry.

The representatives heard about our 48 years of experience as a developer and manufacturer of textile dyes, inks for digital textile printing, fine chemicals and particularly our growing business in producing organic materials for display and semiconductor applications.

To date, the business of chemicals for electronics has been largely based in Europe and Japan. China has achieved strong growth in the supply of some raw materials but supply disruptions due to increased environmental regulations has created an opportunity for high quality, reliable suppliers in Korea to establish localized manufacturing for this industry.

KISCO has, through our own process development, recently begun mass production of key materials such as the monomers for the production of Colorless Polyimides (CPIs). CPI films are a core component of the next generation of flexible displays and electronics.

KISCO, through DKC, the joint-venture we established with Daito Chemix in 2005, has also localized the production of the key components of photoresists, supplying around a third of the global market for high precision materials.

KISCO is continuing to invest in further research, development and production. In Q1 2020 we will open a new, 125,000mproduction site in Iksan, the first stage of a total $US150M investment over the next four years.

Contributing to a diverse and reliable, local supply chain of fine chemical, raw materials is an important part of ensuring the continuing success of the Korean electronics industry. KISCO is well-positioned to contribute to this.