KISCO’s Gajwa Stream Ecology Revitalization Activity

KISCO conducted the “Revitalizing Gajwa Stream Ecology” activity as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts. This is part of our efforts to promote community collaboration and improve water quality in the Incheon area. On May 30th, at Gajwa-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon, staff from the KISCO Incheon Plant participated in the activity to revive the ecology of Gajwa Stream. This voluntary environmental cleanup activity, led by KISCO’s Production Division, collected 250kg of waste in the Gajwa Stream area. Staff from two KISCO facilities, KIF1 and KIF2, located in Incheon, participated.

KISCO will continue its voluntary environmental cleanup activities in the areas where its facilities are located, aiming to restore ecosystems and create a pleasant living environment for the local community.