Incheon Western Fire Station and KISCO held a ceremony to celebrate KISCO’s donation of home fire protection equipment.

The Incheon Western Fire Station Chief, Choo Hyun-man, said that “facilitating the installation of residential fire extinguishers is being pursued to prevent housing fires and secure public safety”.

Incheon Western Fire Station and KISCO held an event, to celebrate the donation of 300 fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, on the morning of March 3rd.

The donation ceremony was held to promote a safety culture and prevent house fires as part of KISCO’s community engagement project.

Woo Hee-woo, Head of KISCO’s Transportation Division, said that “we hope this donation will help prevent fires and create a safe residential environment for vulnerable people in the region”.

Choo Hyun-man, said “we thank KISCO for its donation that will have a positive influence on the local community. It will contribute to the safety of the community by facilitating the distribution of residential fire facilities to the fire-vulnerable.”

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