The completion ceremony for the second expansion phase was held at the Iksan plant of Daito Kisco Corporation (DKC) on June 15 (Wed). DKC began construction of a new factory in the third general industrial complex in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do in June 2018. Construction of the second phase began in March last year.

Due to some consideration of the pandemic, a ceremony was held with only the minimum number of people attending, including KISCO and DKC executives and employees as well as representatives of the construction company. The event began by reporting the story of the construction and the presentation of a thank you plaque to the construction company. This was followed by a congratulatory speech from the CEO of the joint venture (from Daito Chemicals), then by Kim Heung-joon, Chairman of KISCO. The event concluded with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

In his congratulatory speech, Daito Chemicals CEO Nagamatsu said, “although the year is highly uncertain due to the influence of the external environment amid the continued pandemic, the demand for electronic materials is increasing worldwide. Let’s achieve our mid-term goals based on the completion of the second phase of the Iksan plant and continue to grow”. Kim Heung-joon, Chairman of KISCO replied by saying that “I’m very happy that the construction was completed safely without an accident. Through the establishment of the second plant, a solid production system has been established. KISCO and DKC are united to operate efficiently in Iksan, which is expected to further develop in the future. Thank you for the dedication and hard work of the DKC staff who completed the construction without losing their will in the event of a pandemic.”