2021 Vietnam Seminar


On January 23, KISCO hosted a seminar on dyes at the Caravelle Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The seminar was conducted via a video link between Ho Chi Minh City and Seoul. The remote connection enabled teams to comply with each country’s COVID-19 guidelines.

The seminar was titled “Creating Nature’s Colors”. We introduced new reactive and disperse dye products in three parts and explained recent changes to various textile industry environmental regulations. ⠀

Part 1 was titled “Find Nature’s Colors”. We presented our SYNOZOL AMBER K-NP dyes that are designed to solve the problem of photochromism, our SYNOZOL RED K-RF dyes that are designed to solve the problem of color discoloration after resin treatment and our SYNOZOL BLUE K-RF dyes that are designed to improve chlorine-fastness.

Part 2 was titled “Wearing the colors of Nature” and saw the introduction of new disperse dye products. We introduced the SYNOLON EXW-SP and SYNOLON RED EXWN series, which both have excellent fastness on spandex fibers.

Finally, Part 3 was titled ‘Consider Nature’. We explained our recent activities in support of global trends towards eco-friendly and sustainable products. We also presented an update on recent changes to textile industry environmental regulations.

Through this seminar, we were able to demonstrate an expansion of the ways that we communicate with our partners and customers. In particular we showed that the technical support needed by local customers in Vietnam can be carried out in a non-face-to-face manner at any time, even in the face of COVID-19 restrictions. We also showed how, through research and development, we will continue to develop new eco-friendly and high-functioning dye products.