The UK-based Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) awarded their Gold Medal to Dr Sung Yong Cho, CEO of Korean colour and chemical company, Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation (KISCO), at a ceremony in York last week.
The SDC, which was established in 1884, is the world’s leading independent, educational charity dedicated to advancing the science and technology of colour worldwide. Since 1959, the SDC has awarded 67 gold medals to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of colour. Dr Cho is the first Korean to be awarded this medal. Dr Cho was recognized by the SDC for his “Outstanding achievements in the use of dyes in textile and electronics industries”. In his career at KISCO, Dr Cho personally developed important new textile dyes and has managed KISCO’s expansion into supplying high quality colorants to Korea’s world-leading electronics industry.
KISCO was established in 1971 and now sells textile dyes, inks and other chemicals to customers in over 50 different countries. KISCO has developed dyes, pigments and colorants for use in LCD colour filters and in high precision photolithographic products.
KISCO joins with the SDC in congratulating Dr Cho on the award of the Gold Medal.