On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, the 8th Annual Dealer Conference with KIPL, the India subsidiary of KISCO, was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chandigarh, India. OBU and ATB employees of KISCO’s Dye Business Division attended as well as 40 staff from of KIPL and Southern and Northern India dealers.  The past year’s sales performance was discussed as well as future sales strategies and plans.

KIPL and its dealers announced their top achievements for 2018, as well as sales plans for India. Staff discussed specifics of a number of our products including the Blue K-CF and Nature Dyes and EXW / N, our main disperse dye products. In addition, we introduced ‘KISCO Q’, a new guarantee program, and explained ‘COLOR STRONG TAG’, which shows indicates clothing dyed with high quality KISCO products. This new initiative was warmly received by dealers. Through this annual conference we not only strengthened our partnership with KIPL branch offices and local dealers in India, but also directly received feedback from customers using KISCO products. This was a good opportunity to promote the strengths of new products, distributed products and the newly introduced KISCO Q program to Indian dealers.