(14 Brazilian Textile Industry Fair)


8/9 (Tue) Sun. 12 (Fri.)

Febratex 2016 International Exhibition of Textile Industry was held in Blumenau Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

2,250 companies from about 50 countries and 90 thousand people participate in Febratex. It is held every two years, and KISCO pariticipates for the first time.

In the cooperation of Brazil QUIMISA, the booth was oriented to provide Total solutions of KISCO, QUIMISA and FONG’S EUROPE.

In this exhibition, we focused on marketing new customers, creating new routes for the market, and comprehensive investment solutions through QUIMISA’s existing market network.

Throughout Febratex, KISCO made a clear impression to the potential and new customers.

In October, KISCO plans to visit individual customers for condition check up and establish portfolios.

Looking forward to the success in the Brazilian market in the future!


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