Last 7/12 (Fri) ~ 13 (Sat) We had a workshop for the employees of WiseChem, a subsidiary of KISCO.

The workshop was held in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province. The workshop was attended by a total of 17 employees, including the WiseChem, director of the company, along with KISCO CEO Dr. Cho, Sung-Yong.

First of all, we had a workshop to share the current status and future goals of WiseChem. At the start of the workshop, Dr. Cho said, “thanks to the efforts of all employees WiseChem has achieved a great deal of growth and is preparing to enter the growing Chinese market. Although there are challenges, it is possible to achieve 10 billion won sales if we prepare well. We hope that it will be a year when WiseChem can take a leap forward in the second half “.

Subsequently, a variety of team building programs were conducted to enhance communication and cooperation among members. All of our attendees, including our leaders, participated in a variety of programs and team survival games to help them improve their teamwork and strengthen their relationships among co-workers. We had a good dinner in a free atmosphere and put down set aside our work issues. The following day, we finished a pleasant workshop where we were able to further confirm the solid bond between the participants through a tour of Nami Island.