Precision equipment for accurate analyses

The facility is equipped with various analytical equipment including NMR, ICP-MS, LC/MS, GC/MS etc. The KISCO Chemical Testing and Analysis Center conducts a wide range of chemical tests related to the performance and safety of dyes, inks, electronic materials, foods and pharmaceuticals. In addition to general instrumental analysis, we conduct physicochemical measurements, test ecological properties and carry out chemical structure identification of substances.

General analytical instruments:

  • Inorganic analyses: ICP-MSD, ICP-OES, IC
  • Chromatography: GC/MSD, ATD-GC/MSD, Headspace GC/MSD, Pyrolysis GC/MSD, LC/MS/MS, LC/MSD, 2D-LC, UHPLC, GPC
  • Spectroscopic analysis: NMR (1H, 13C, DEPT, COSY, HSQC, HMBC), UV/Vis/NIR, FT-IR, Colorimeter
  • General analysis: Karl-Fischer Titrator, Autotitrator, DSC, TGA, Viscometer, Respirometer

Specialist analysis:

  • Physical and chemical properties: color, boiling point, melting point, freezing point, flash point, viscosity, density, particle size distribution, surface tension, water solubility, partition coefficient (n-octanol/water), molecular weight, stability test under acidic and basic conditions.
  • Ecological properties: biodegradability, aquatic toxicity, bacterial inhibition, BOD5, COD, metal content.
  • Chemical structure identification: elemental analysis, inorganic analysis.