Production and Business Practices

KISCO has the scale and flexibility to deliver high quality, globally competitively priced products. We have reactors that range in size from 20 to 250,000 litres and deliver products to our customers by the tonne or by the kilogram depending on their application. Our factories have storage and shipping facilities to accommodate large inventories and flexibility in domestic and overseas supply. KISCO also has in-house business development, legal and accounting staff to deal with both suppliers and customers. We supply agents, equipment manufacturers and other chemical companies.

KISCO has communication and management processes and uses a commercial Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) that ensure all parts of the business are aware of their obligations under contracts that we sign.

KISCO undertakes multi-step syntheses to prepare final products. KISCO has established long-term supply agreements and has a proud history of high reliability at stable costs. We began supplying many of our customers over 20 years ago and we regularly handle fluctuations in raw material prices and supplier demand.


Production Capacity

40,000 tonnes p.a. of textile dyestuffs

3,000 tonnes p.a. of digital textile inks

2,500+ tonnes p.a. of saccharin

3,500 tonnes p.a. of other fine chemicals

420 reactors