1971 : Established as Shino Chemical Engineering Company.

1980 : The office building and the chemical dye research center was established.
1984 : Factory built in Ansan.

1992 : Purchased shares in Rachada Chemicals Co., Ltd. of Thailand.
1993 : Factory built in Shiheung.
1995: KISCO listed on the Korean Stock Exchange (KSE).
1997: Founded Kimsoy Dyes Trade Company Inc., a local venture company in Turkey.
1997 : Signed an agreement for a technological alliance with Sumitomo Chemical Engineering of Japan for the production of dyes.
1997 : KISCO acquired the ISO 14001 certificate (granted by the Korea Foundation for Quality (KFQ)).

2001 : Founded Eastwell China Co., Ltd. in China.
2001: Acquired the OHSAS 18001 certificate (for Health and Safety Management).
2003 : Introduced the K-Series of new reactive chemical dye products.
2003: Launched the Business Department for Organic EL
2003 : Eastwell China changed its trade name to KISCO International Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.
2004 : Acquired JMC Co., Ltd.
2005 : Founded Daito KISCO Co., Ltd., a joint-venture company with Daito Chemix Corporation of Japan.
2006 : Local subsidiary of Lianyungang KISCO Chemical Co., LTD was established in China

2010: KISCO’s environmental and sustainability principles were recognised by certification as a bluesign System Partner
2010 : Founded Wisechem as a joint-venture company with Korea Alcohol Industrial Co. Ltd.
2011 : The central research institute was designated as an Advanced Technical Centre (ATC) by the Korean Government.
2013 : KISCO merged with Eastwell Inc.
2014 : KISCO group administration and management moved to a new building in the Mokdong area of Seoul.
2015: KISCO awarded ‘World Class 300″ status by the Korean government.