On Monday, July 08, 2019, we held our first technical seminar in Cairo, Egypt, with Newtrac, a new agency in Cairo, Egypt, and Manchem, a sub-dealer responsible for sales / promotion in Syria. The event, held at the Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Hotel in Cairo, was attended by representatives of over 60 companies, including Egypt’s KAP Fourtex, and one of the largest textile companies, HESNI. The majority of the attendees were Egyptian and Syrian textile companies.

KISCO staff introduced our main reactive dye products: K-HL, K-Medium, ULTRA DS, EXW / EXWS / EXWS, and OBA. In addition, we introduced our new, ‘KISCO Q’ Color Strong Tag, which is a quality assurance program. We also talked about the importance of ‘Sustainability’, a key focus for KISCO. The Q & A session lasted more than an hour with a lot of questions related to products, dyeing process and problems that could occur at the manufacturing site. The seminar was extremely successful and customers were extremely positive. Through this event, KISCO was able to get closer to our existing customers and secure new prospects.