The Papijet series of water-based inks for textile printing and Papijet Inks for UV printing have been exclusively designed by KISCO.

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Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation (KISCO) is a global dyestuff manufacturer and was the initial pioneer of dyestuff manufacture in Korea. For over 40 years KISCO has continuously invested in research and development to bring new products to market. With years of technical know-how and experience in colorants for textiles, electronic materials and other industrial applications, KISCO has developed and is now supplying inks for digital textile and UV printing. In compliance with strict quality control procedures, we make every effort to supply high quality and environmentally friendly products and meet the requirements of customers from around the world.

Sublimation Ink, Papijet LTI and LTIR

To print on polyester fabrics without steaming and washing, sublimation printing, also known as transfer printing, is the solution. You firstly print the image onto sublimation paper and then transfer the image from paper to polyester fabric. Papijet LTI and LTIR are water-based, dispersed, eco-friendly inks for digital direct and sublimation printing with the highest transfer yield. They also display bright shades with good fastness properties. Papijet LTI is designed for Epson heads and Papijet LTIR is designed for Ricoh heads.

Reactive Ink, Papijet TxR and TxRK

Based on extensive knowledge of reactive dyestuffs, KISCO developed reactive inks to enable a large colour space in digital textile printing for cellulose fibres. Papijet TxR has been developed for Epson heads and Papijet TxRK is optimized for Kyocera heads. Each ink passed all Epson and Kyocera standards. The ink formulations for all 9-colors are designed to present the best runability. Papijet TxR and TxRk are water-based reactive inks with overall good fastness, excellent stability and reproducibility.

LED UV Ink, Papijet UVRT

Based on strong demand from customers of our Papijet Sublimation and Reactive inks, KISCO has developed a new range of UV curable inks designed specifically for UV printers. This is the Papijet UVRT range. Papijet UVRT inks have been formulated with a high pigment load to provide vivid colors that exceed user expectations. The inks are also designed to guarantee the same, outstanding results and high stability from every batch. Papijet UVRT inks have been developed by our R&D teams and are produced using our own raw materials. As a color company with almost 50 years of experience, KISCO understands longevity, quality and the importance of reliable supplies. Papijet UVRT inks are also underpinned by KISCO’s commitment to safety and sustainability. The inks are formulated using solvents without any VOCs and are safe for our staff and our customers. Papijet UVRT inks for UV printers are the next generation inks from KISCO, creating colors and chemical solutions.

Disperse Ink, Papijet TxD

Digital printing with the 7-colors of Papijet TxD inks directly onto polyester fabrics; for example, apparel, automotive, sportswear and banners, will give you the best results. Papijet TxD is a water-based dispersed ink that delivers brilliant colors, and excellent rubbing, light and washing fastness properties.

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