Sublimation Mill Base

Papicel MBb and MBb-TD inkjet dyes are designed to make aqueous nano-dispersed inks especially for inkjet printing on large size plotters using piezo printing heads. You can make any colour combinations by mixing colours within the range to produce a wide colour gamut.

Features of inks formulated with Papicel MBb and MBb-TD:

  • Excellent printability with bright and vivid colours
  • High productivity with good filtration
  • Long shelf-life
  • High fastness properties
  • Can be applied to apparel, automotive, outdoor wear, home furnishing fabrics and sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, skateboards and windsurfs.

Papicel Yellow MBb-TGS
Papicel Orange MBb-TXR
Papicel Magenta MBb-TRS
Papicel Cyan MBb-TRN
Papicel Blue MBb-TGN
Papicel Black MBb-T3G
Papicel Black MBb-DBK
Papicel Fluorescent Yellow MBb-TGR
Papicel Fluorescent Red MBb-T5B
Papicel Yellow MBb-TDY
Papicel Orange MBb-TDO
Papicel Magenta MBb-TDM
Papicel Red MBb-TDR
Papicel Cyan MBb-TDC
Papicel Blue MBb-TDB
Papicel Black MBb-TDK
Papicel Violet MBb-TDY

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