Ink-jet ink dyes require more thorough removal of inorganic salts, heavy metals and other impurities than general dyes for fibers. It is because those kinds of impurities affect liquid-phase stability of inks to a great extent and therefore we provide highly concentrated and purified ink-jet ink dyes through a high quality refining processes and strict quality control. These dyes are produced in such a way that they can be easily formulated as ink jet inks for HP, EPSON, CANON, SAMSUNG and other printers. Our dyes can be applied to both thermal and piezo ink-jet systems. We are capable of developing and supplying new dyes with excellent color development and liquid-phase stability as well as existing ink-jet ink dyes. Papicel IJ series is categorized into three grades to meet the various needs of customers: premium, standard and commercial grades.

Our Papicel IJ inks offer the following features:

  • Very low salt content (chloride, sulfate, magnesium, calcium and iron etc)
  • Brilliant and vibrant colours
  • Excellent light fastness
  • High purity
  • High surface tension
  • Excellent tinctorial strength
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