KISCO develops and manufactures a wide range of high quality materials for use in various aspects of electronics. Many of these materials are sold into the supply chains of the major Korean electronics companies as well as to other partners throughout Asia.



  • Proprietary dyes for use in hybrid color filters for liquid crystal displays.
  • These dyes enable brighter, thinner displays with better color purity.



  • Intermediates for materials used as the Electron Transport Layer (ETL), Hole Transport Layer (HTL) and as hosts for phosphorescent green emitters.


Other Electronics Applications

  • Binder polymers for LCD Black Matrix layers.
  • Epoxy hardeners and monomers for sealing semiconductors
  • Additives for semiconductor cleaning


Particle-size Control

  • Our wholy-owned subsidiary, Wisechem, supplies pigment dispersions for applications such as LCD color filters. Our salt milling process can produce particles with a uniform size down to below 20nm. These particles can then be functionalised with a variety of chemical surface treatments.


(before salt milling)

Pigment for Color Filter
(after salt milling)