Creating Colors and Chemical Solutions

Our Products

Textile Dyes

Reactive, disperse and acid dyes as well as optical brightening agents that are used to color clothes all around the world

Papijet Inks

Inks for digital textile and UV printing. These new inks are changing the way textiles are colored and enabling ‘fast fashion’ and on-demand manufacturing of clothes and signage

Electronic Materials

Colorants for LCD color filters, photoinitiators for high precision electronics lithography and chemicals for displays and semiconductors that are all based on our deep knowledge of dyes and pigments

Fine Chemicals

Chemicals and intermediates for food, beverages, medicines, pharmaceuticals and agriculture


The KISCO group develops and manufactures our own raw materials, intermediates and final products for a wide range of textile colorants. From our Research and Development lab through to 250,000 L reactors with a batch capacity of 80 tonnes, KISCO can produce material to meet the needs of any partner.



Sublimation Ink, Papijet LTI and LTIR

Reactive Ink, Papijet TxR and TxRK

LED UV Ink, Papijet UVRT

Disperse Ink, Papijet TxD

Electronic Materials

In order to make the leap into being a high-tech chemicals company, KISCO has focused on research and development on materials for OLEDs, lithography process materials for semiconductors, monomers for Colorless Polyimide (CPI) and graphene-based materials. We have also developed close partnerships to support the development and maintain the localization of these important raw materials.

Fine Chemicals

The KISCO group develops and manufactures materials, intermediates and final products for a wide range of food, cosmetics, oral care, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, JMC, specialises in the large-scale production of sulfur-based materials and supplies some of the world’s largest quality-oriented multinational food and medicine producers.