Research and Development

KISCO Research and Development employs 82 staff members. Of these, 3 have PhDs and 50 have Masters degrees. We have concentrated and integrated our management and quality control functions within this group. Research and development based on customer needs has been our priority and has been carried out in conjunction with our sales and marketing teams. To maintain our technical excellence, we reinvest over 4% of company profits into research and development for inks, dyes and electronic materials as well as research into new technologies.

KISCO founded the first centre dedicated to dye research in Korea in the 1980s. The Central Research Centre has grown to occupy 5 levels of the original KISCO building in Seoul. Research staff directly assist in the transfer of new processes from the Research Centre to pilot and large-scale production facilities.

KISCO is experienced at developing and managing Intellectual Property (IP). Within the KISCO group we manufacture some materials under licence and have protocols in place to manage our IP and that of our partners.


KISCO Group Patent Portfolio