Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation (KISCO) is a large-scale developer and manufacturer of dyes, inks, fine chemicals and other functional materials.

The KISCO group has a market capitalisation of around $US250M and had sales of over $US 300M in 2018. The group employs over 800 staff at 10 manufacturing plants in South Korea as well as one each in China and Turkey. The business is backed by a R&D centre in Seoul with over 80 staff and is supported by representatives and agents in over 60 different countries.

KISCO has over 40 years of experience in the development and production of chemicals for textiles including reactive, disperse and acid dyes as well as optical brightening agents.

With years of technical know-how and experience in colorants for textiles, electronic materials and other industrial applications, KISCO has developed and is now supplying inks for digital textile and sign printing. In compliance with strict quality control procedures, we make every effort to supply high quality and environmentally friendly products and meet the requirements of customers from around the world. This is the PAPIJET range of inks for digital textile and UV printing.

Through JMC, a wholly-owned subsidiary, KISCO is a global-scale manufacturer of saccharin. Saccharin is a safe, artificial sweetener that enables a drastic reduction in sugar content. Our consumer product, Dream Sugar, is sold across Korea. JMC supplies highly pure saccharin to food, beverage and medicine manufacturers around the world.

The KISCO group also includes two joint ventures, based in Siheung and Incheon. Wisechem produces high-end pigments for displays and inkjet printing. DKC produces photo initiators for high precision electronics lithography.

Our names

Kyung-In refers to the region between Seoul and Incheon, Korea’s major international airport. The Kyung-In region is home to thousands of companies providing ready access to a large range of suppliers and customers.

Our globally recognized dyestuff brand, Syno, reflects our original company name. Throughout our history we have used a butterfly logo to represent the vibrant colours we produce. To continue this tradition we have named our digital textile printing inks “papijet”. This is based on papilio the latin word for butterfly and “inkjet” the main deposition method for our inks.

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